Welcome to Ad-din

Ad-din, a private not-for-profit organization operates in Bangladesh since 1980. Ad-din aims to improve the health, educational, social and financial status of underprivileged people, particularly of women and children. Ad-din runs affordable cost but high quality medical academic establishments like medical colleges (Ad-din Women’s Medical College in Dhaka, Ad-din Sakina Medical College at Jessore), nursing institutes (Fatema Nursing Institute in Dhaka, Ad-din Nursing Institute at Jessore, Safina Nursing Institute at Kushtia), health technology institute (Ad-din Women’s Institute of Health Technology), general hospital services (Ad-din Medical College Hospital in Dhaka, Ad-din Medical College Hospital at Jessore, Ad-din Hospital at Kushtia, Basundhara Ad-din Medical College Hospital in Dhaka), manufacture pharmaceutical products (Ad-din Pharmaceuticals Limited at Jessore) and provides community based essential health and family planning services package in Barisal and Khulna division and Dhaka city of Bangladesh.

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Kushtia Jessore Dhaka